How to Prepare Your House For Appraisal

The Federal interest rates are low. Many people are thinking of refinancing or selling and purchasing a new home. I have been asked several times, “How do I prepare my house for an appraisal? What do I need to do to present my house in the best way?” Here are some ways to prepare your house for an appraisal. 


First off, the appraiser may ask what improvements you have made to the home since you moved in. Try to sit down and make a list of any improvements you have made ahead of time, so you are not put on the spot. Improvements can include things like, a new roof, an added security system, new windows, additional insulation, a bathroom remodel, any new appliances that will stay with the home after a sale, or even exterior improvements like drainage fixes. Be sure to inform the appraiser about any new parks or attractions near your home. The appraiser may not be from the area and unaware of a new community center or beautiful park nearby. 


Secondly, make that home sparkle! Clean, clean and clean some more. Be sure the appraiser can see all the features of the home. Cleaning also shows the home has been maintained. If you have dull carpet, give it a shampoo. Clean up the windows. If the sunlight hits them just right, it can really show the dirt that has accumulated from outside. 

Curb Appeal

Clean up your curb appeal for a great first impression! Spruce up the yard and make sure your landscaping is neat and tidy. Dig out the power washer, spray the driveway and sidewalks. Clean up the siding and even decks.  If you have dead trees or tree limbs on your property, consider removing them, or hire someone to remove them. Try to add some colorful flowers or flower pots to your landscaping. 


Declutter! Now is a great time to declutter the house. If you intend on moving especially, since you will have less items to move to the new home. The appraiser wants to see your home, not your stuff. 


Fix up, and make small repairs. It may not be in your best interest to do a full remodel of a room in your home, however doing small repairs can make a big difference in your appraisal. If you want to make a big remodel, check with your local Real Estate Agent to see if it would be worth the money you are putting in. Small things like leaky faucets, chipped paint, faulty outlets, or other small repairs should be fixed. Check the exterior of your home for broken mortar in between bricks or concrete blocks. 


How does your home smell? Many of us can become “noseblind” in our own homes, not realizing what it smells like. If you have pets you may not realize the odors they cause. Dogs, litter boxes and fish tanks can all cause odors we do not always realize. Other causes of odor can be smoking, mildew or the smell from a damp basement. Giving your home a deep clean or even some new paint can help alleviate smells. 


Amazingly enough the state of your neighbor’s home can have a profound impact on your appraisal. You may have a pristine lawn but if your neighbor’s is knee high the appraiser could take that into account when they are working on your appraisal. It may be a good time to speak to your neighbors about your situation and ask them to clean up or even offer to help them do it. 

If you have questions about an upcoming appraisal or have questions about your home value, contact me!

For current market information for your Lafayette and West Lafayette communities or a free consultation, contact The Aimee Ness Realty Group Indiana. Our team with over 10 years of local experience, has your back to find your dream home, or sell your current home. 

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