Selling High End Homes

How To Sell, Not Just List An Extravagant High End Home

Selling a high end home is a unique experience with many challenges from the beginning of listing the home, dealing with negotiations, and getting to the closing table. Here you will learn in detail how to sell, and not just list, an extravagant high value property in Lafayette and West Lafayette. 


There are many challenges and scenarios to be prepared for in selling a high value property. The first challenge would be calculating the proper price. Oftentimes, high value properties are so unique there are little to no similar homes in the area or on the market. So determining the price can be tricky. Experienced agents such as Aimee Ness have been able to successfully price and sell these types of properties. She uses her past experience and extensive knowledge of the local community to help determine price. 

Qualified Buyers

Since these homes are so unique it is a challenge to find an interested and capable buyer. How does one overcome this challenge? Here again is where an experienced agent comes into play. Working with someone like Aimee Ness can help find a buyer using her expansive network she has been building both locally and outside of our area for over 10 years. Not only does this network encase potential buyers, but also other agents who may know of qualified buyers for high end properties. 


How do you market an elite high value home so buyers are more interested in buying than looking at decorating options? A marketing savvy agent knows that they are selling the house as well as a lifestyle. This must happen in the marketing as the first information a potential buyer sees are the photos of the home. 

This is where staging comes into play. The home should be staged to showcase features of the home as well as the lifestyle options available. For example, if the home hosts stables on the property, then some neatly placed riding paraphernalia can be seen throughout the home. Artwork can be displayed featuring horses, and so on. In doing this you are highlighting unique features only found in this specific home and showcasing a lifestyle that can be achieved in purchasing the home. Staging also helps to de-personalize the home. The less personalized objects and photos in the home the easier it is for potential buyers to envision themselves living there. 

Professional photography is key. Understanding how to take professional, quality photos will make a difference in the marketing of the property. High quality photos will draw the buyers eyes in to want to see and learn more about a property. Knowing the right views, lighting, and quantity of photos is of the utmost importance in beginning a marketing campaign. 

Who do you even market these photos to? If you are working with an agent like Aimee Ness, she has built an online following and an established network of people who are waiting for the next listing ad to come up. Being able to market to the broad public as well as an established network gets the word out quickly about a new high end home for sale in Lafayette and West Lafayette. 

Should we have an open house when selling our high end home? We generally tell our clients not to have an open house in these situations. It is much preferred to be able to show the home during a private appointment and have the time to convey all the unique and special features of the property. Having private appointments will also ensure you have pre-approved, serious buyers touring the property and not curious neighbors or people who are not serious or qualified buyers taking time in your home. 

Do high end homes take longer to sell in Lafayette and West Lafayette?

Sometimes a higher end home can take longer to sell then average priced homes. The reason for this is that there is a smaller pool of qualified buyers to purchase a higher end home. However, with the right experience, tools, training and working with an experienced agent, high value homes can still sell in a reasonable amount of time. 

How to sell a high end home in Lafayette and West Lafayette?

If you are considering selling your high value property, take the time to meet with an agent first. Aimee Ness can guide you in the process, and explain how she has sold high end homes locally in the past. Call or text to reach out 765-428-3969.

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