Local Cleaning Companies Lafayette

Sometimes when you are getting your house ready to sell, you can use some help. Here is a list of local cleaning companies that can help you clean your house or the house of a loved one.

Cleaning Companies In Lafayette

Plan B Cleaning – 765-245-3513

D&W Superior Cleaning – 765-409-0855

Pink Team Cleaning Services – 765-269-7604

Van Gorder Janitorial – 765-426-5455

Tina Darling – 765-490-3216

Libman Cleaning Concierge – 765-746-6190

Smith Cleaning Services – 765-532-2257

If you need more recommendations for a cleaning service be sure to contact Aimee Ness directly at 765-418-3969.

For current market information for your Lafayette and West Lafayette communities or a free consultation, contact The Aimee Ness Realty Group Indiana. Our team with over 10 years of local experience, has your back to find your dream home, or sell your current home.  

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