How To Create Your Own Outdoor Theater

Take a movie night to the next level by making your own outdoor theater at home! Here is how you can make your very own outdoor home theater.

First things first. You will need a few things to make your personal outdoor home theater happen. You will need a projector, screen, seating, and of course snacks.

The projector. I have seen a variety available online, in many different price ranges. You can ask around for one to borrow, perhaps your office has one that is not in current use. Be sure that whatever projector you choose it will be compatible with whatever device you are using for your movie. This could be a smartphone, TV stick or USB.

Pick out your location. Be sure there is enough room for seating and the screen. Try to choose a location without extra outdoor lighting as this may affect the quality of your movie screening.

The screen. The screen is the easy part. You could purchase a portable screen online. Or you can project your movie on the side of a house, on a garage door, or even on a flat white or light colored sheet.

Seating. Grab some lawn chairs or patio furniture to make your seating. If you are having extra guests put down some rugs or picnic blankets and create some cozy space on the ground. An air mattress would work really well here, especially for smaller children. Be sure to have some of these plants around to keep mosquitoes at bay.

SNACKS! The best part of movie night. Pull up a picnic table and make an outdoor buffet of your favorite movie snacks. Keep it simple, hot dogs, popcorn, fruits, candy, whatever you like. Keep a few trash cans handy for easy clean up.

Creating a fun unique outdoor experience does not have to be overwhelming or expensive. Get creative and get outside!

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