Maximize Your Pantry Space

Have you been going to the grocery store less frequently during the pandemic? If so, maybe you have been grabbing a few more items than usual. If you have a large pantry or a small one, we are all looking to maximize our pantry space to make it the most efficient. Even if you don’t have a pantry, you can repurpose a closet or cabinet to suit your needs. Here are some ways to get the most out of your pantry space.

First, understand what you are storing. Put all of your like kind items together. Then you will know the height of the shelving or other storage containers you may need. When grouping your items, also separate them based on how often you use them. Put the most used items in top racks or in the front on shelves.

Adjust your shelving to fit your items with a little extra space above them. This will give you the most use of the space and still allow you to see what is on the shelf. If your shelves are fixed and cannot be easily adjusted, try the wire under shelf baskets. You would be surprised how much space these will add.

If you have an open wall where you cannot easily add a shelf try a pegboard. You can hang items, or even install smaller baskets. Storage possibilities are endless on a pegboard. Pegboards also work well on the back of cabinet or closet doors.

Grab a few smaller containers or baskets for loose or small packets of items. If you have kids around, create a separate container with their snacks, they will be able to grab them on their own.

Some dry goods store well in air tight containers too. If you are going out to buy some new, opt for square containers as they are more space efficient. If placing your dry goods in air tight containers, be sure to label the item with the expiration date to help use the oldest foods first. If storing root vegetables choose baskets that promote air flow to help keep veggies fresh longer.

If you have a pantry door, use the back for storage. Hang shelving for spice storage, or other smaller things. You will be surprised how much you can store on the back of the door. Even things like pot holders can easily hang on the back of a door.

Depending on the size of your pantry area you can utilize tension rods to hang items. You can hang utensils, towels, or snack bags from hangers with clips.

Add some can rotating systems. You will always know where your canned goods are and always use the oldest one first. These are very space efficient.

Perhaps adding a rolling cart will help you utilize your space. You can store flour, sugar and these types of items. Bigger pots, pans, or baking sheets can store well here. When it is time to bake, or cook certain meals just roll it out, then roll it back when you are done.

I hope these ideas help in all of your food storage adventures. No matter the size of your pantry, utilize it to its maximum potential.

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