Getting Your Home Ready For Houseguests

This time of year is so busy with all the activities the holidays bring. Here are some hacks to get your home ready for friends, family and even the unexpected guest that could pop in.

Prep the guest room or designated guest area. Check the room for clutter. Is there anything you can remove? Make sure there is space for your guests’ belongings. Taking care to make space for their suitcases, clothes and other personal items. Keeping items clear will make it much easier to run the vacuum or do a quick dusting before guests arrive. Take care to leave extra blankets or a fan available in the guest room.

Check out the bathroom. Is it easy to find needed items such as toilet paper, towels, toiletries, extra trash bags and even a spare plunger? Avoid any awkward moments by making these things available. Add some extra hooks in the bathroom for guests to hang towels, robes or toiletry bags.

Look in the kitchen. Make things easily visible for your guests, so they can help themselves. Have the tea, or coffee out. Place snacks in an inviting place, so your guests don’t have to search your cabinets. Share your Wifi password on the refrigerator.

Stock up! Grab some things from the dollar store that are frequently forgotten. Pick up some extra brushes, combs, toothbrushes, phone chargers, or even baby items like wipes, diapers, or pacifiers if your guests are traveling with a little one. Stock up on medications, ibuprofen, heartburn remedies, baby pain relievers/ fever reducers, you never know what your guests may need. Save some unnecessary trips to the store and be able to spend more time with your guests.

Unexpected guests? No Sweat. Grab a laundry basket and pick up misplaced items and easily carry them around to put them away. Use a microfiber dusting mitt to make a quick job of dusting. Keep bed linens laundered and stored in the matching pillow cases to easily find them.

Once your home is ready, be sure to enjoy local light displays, meet Santa and Christmas events around Lafayette, IN.

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