Recycling In Lafayette, IN

Lafayette, IN has many recycling options and here is how you can get involved! Read below to learn how to recycle, where to drop off recycling materials in Lafayette, IN and where to turn in aluminum and scrap metal in Lafayette.

If you live within the service area for city trash pick up, you can request a free toter for your recycling. No need to sort! The city will provide you a free 96 gallon toter for your recycling materials. Just take it to the street along with your trash and the city will pick it up for you!

If you live in Tippecanoe County but outside of the city service area, there are some recycle trailers available to drop off materials such as paper, plastic, cans and the like. Check to see what each site will accept here. The locations are:

Best Way Transfer Station: 2770 N 9th Street

Trailer – East Tipp Middle School: 7501 E 300 N

Trailer – Southwestern Middle School: 2100 W 800 S

Trailer – Town of Stockwell: Intersection of Monroe, Yorktown and Commercial St.

Can you recycle hazardous products in Lafayette? Yes! The transfer station located at 2770 N 9th St can accept a variety of hazardous products for Tippecanoe County residents. Check out the list and quantities they will accept here.

Where can you take scrap metal and aluminum for exchange in Lafayette? If you are looking to exchange aluminum cans or scrap metal there are some options in Lafayette.

Aluminum Can Recycling Co. on McCarty Lane

Oscar Winski Company on N 9th Street

Check their websites for drop off times and the materials they accept.

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