Plants Mosquitoes Hate

Hey Lafayette! Remember all the rain we had this Spring? Who could forget. Now we have all the mosquitoes that came from the soggy Spring. Repel them naturally with these beautiful plants, available at most local greenhouses. All of these plants can be grown easily in containers! You can place the containers anywhere you need to make your space beautiful and with less annoying mosquitoes. Entertain your guests without unwanted pests!  


A tough plant that smells great! Needs full sun and can withstand drought once it has been established. Provides many health benefits as well. Mosquitoes tend to dislike the smell of lavender, so if you wear lavender scented oils, this also may help keep them away.


Lemon scented grass is commonly used in mosquito repellents. It grows best in large pots, but remember to bring them inside in the winter. Lemongrass contains citronella, a natural oil mosquitoes hate. You can crush some lemon grass leaves and scatter them throughout your entertaining space to release the citronella and combat mosquitoes.


All types of basil repel flies and mosquitoes. It can be grown in pots or gardens. The oil responsible for basil’s delightful smell is responsible for keeping mosquitoes away. Basil is easy to grow and you can keep it in your window sills to ward off the pests. It will also create a beautiful fragrance in your room.


Catnip is an easy to grow, member of the mint family. Catnip has been found to be 10 times more effective and repelling mosquitoes than DEET. This is due to the essential oil nepetalactone naturally found in catnip.


Marigold is an annual flower that thrives in pots, borders and gardens. It’s fragrance keeps mosquitoes away, and possibly rabbits. Marigold is a tropical plant that contains pyrethrum, the oil responsible for repelling mosquitoes. These plants are inexpensive and can be easily planted in gardens, in pots near doors and windows.

Lemon Thyme

Tastes and smells like lemon. Grows well in gardens and pots. Contains citronella much like lemongrass and can be treated as such.

Scented Geranium

Scented Geranium is a fast growing plant with beautiful blooms, and fuzzy leaves, sometimes called the mosquito plant. Lemon scents are the preferred plant to repel mosquitoes. They can be easily grown in planters and placed wherever you need.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm repels mosquitoes however can attract bees. It grows well in pots and gardens. A dual purpose herb that can be used in cooking as well as a natural mosquito repellent. Crush some leaves picked directly from the garden or nearby planters and rub them on exposed skin.


Rosemary is an herb that thrives in pots or gardens. It can be used in cooking or left as decoration in your gardens or planters. Yet another handy dual purpose herb to keep the mosquitoes away. Take some sprigs of rosemary and toss them in your backyard fire or on the grill. The aroma will keep little pests at bay.

Hope this helps your weekend bar-b-ques and camp fires. If you know of any natural plants to repel pests leave the info in the comments!

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