How To Hang Lights On Your Home

Looks like the weather this weekend will be perfect to hang your holiday lights and decorations. Here are some quick tips for exterior decorating without leaving any damage to your home.

Safety first! First off, make sure everything is safe and good to go. Check all of your lights for any type of damage. Test your lights and examine them. Are there broken bulbs, frayed wires or damaged plugs? If so, replace them! Better to be safe than sorry. Be sure you are using indoor/OUTDOOR lights and know how many strands are safe to connect. This info will be on the package. If using a ladder, make sure you have another person to help out and hold it in place. Tis the season for slick spots and unexpected ice.

Make a plan. How many lights do you need for your home? First, decide on where you are going to be decorating. Where will your focal point be located? Then start measuring, and you will know how many lights you will be needing. Follow the safety guidelines on the box, and you are good to go!

How to hang lights without nails. CLIPS! There are several types of clips available at your local hardware store. There are several types to attach to gutters, shingles, even adhesive clips to add to siding. Want to hang lights on a brick wall? No problem, and no drill needed. Go out and buy some brick clips. There is pretty much a clip for every surface. Be sure to read the instructions, but typically they are spaced between 6 to 8 inches apart. Clips will become your new best friend for holiday decorating. They are safe, easy and quick to install and remove.

Grab a timer. Save some electricity by using a timer for your lights. Obviously, you are not going to have them on during the day, but why not have them on when you get home from work? Nothing more welcoming than your house all lit up when you get home. Using a timer will also have them shut off automatically so you don’t forget. Do you really need them on until the sun comes up? Maybe not, have them shut off when you want them to, without having to go outside to switch them.

Now that everything is all set, stand back and flip them on! Enjoy your personal display with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Maybe take a walking tour of the neighborhood and enjoy everyone’s. Looking for some more Christmas Light displays? Check out our list of local displays! 

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