Easy Plants To Grow In Lafayette IN

Many folks are itching to get in the garden and get things started. It is almost time to plant! When out showing homes in the past, I have seen some beautiful garden spaces! Wouldn’t it be so nice to walk out to your backyard if you need some produce, instead of making a separate trip to the grocery store? No matter if you plant in the ground, raised beds or containers on your porch, you can grow a variety of veggies right here! Here is a list of the easiest veggies to grow in Lafayette, IN.


Lettuces grow well here in Indiana. Start them in April or early May. Be sure to thin seedlings to 6 inches apart.


Onions should be planted in April. They don’t mind the shade and work in traditional gardens and containers.

Tomatoes are easy to grow in Lafayette In Aimee Ness


Who does not love a fresh tomato? These plants should be planted once it warms up a bit. Be sure to have a trellis or cage ready. Tie up plants to encourage air flow around the leaves to prevent disease. These grow well in containers. Even an old bucket will work.


Fresh cucumbers are great in salads or you can make fresh pickles. Be sure to have a place for them to climb.


Carrot seeds can be hard to germinate. But here is a tip. You can dampen your soil first, then lightly press the seeds on top of the soil. Then place an untreated board over your seeds and press the board down a bit. This method can help keep your seeds in place when it rains. Remove the board when the seeds sprout.

Mosquito Repellants 

If you want to keep mosquitoes away these plants work well in containers and gardens.


Wait to plant seeds in mounds until the soil has warmed up a bit.


Peppers grow really well in Indiana. Most varieties flourish. Start seeds indoors early or purchase started plants.

Beans & Peas 

Be sure to have enough spacing for air flow around these plants. If you have the climbing varieties make something for them to climb.

herbs are easy to grow in Lafayette IN Aimee Ness


Along with veggies many herbs do quite well in Lafayette, IN. Plant these mixed in your garden to help repel insects, or in pots on your patio with easy access to your kitchen.

I hope this article helps you to pick some veggies to grow. It is very convenient to just walk out your door and grab something you need. Happy gardening Lafayette!

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