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Video Update With Aimee

Aimee Ness coming to you from her home today! She is giving a real estate update, talking about plants and more.

“Hey, hey, it’s Aimee Ness with Keller Williams Realty, and I am coming to you live from my home today. So I wanted to talk to you guys about a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There have been a lot of updates that I wanted to bring to your attention, so now I’m going to take that opportunity. In regard to the real estate market locally, we’ve had some homes come on the market now that things are starting to open up around. I know yesterday hair salons and some of the restaurants were doing a soft open and I think that’s going to help create some movement in our community for homes.” 

“I have been working really hard, I had a house get listed that I talked to you guys about over in Wake Robin. That one went under contract really quickly. And I have seen the local real estate market change in that regard a lot. Because as soon as homes are going on, a lot of them have been going pending really quickly. And I think it’s because we have such low inventory. So, I think as things start to open up and the weather starts even out we should have some really good movement in real estate here locally.”

“And there have been some investment properties coming on so if anybody has ever thought about investing in real estate this is your chance. I’ve seen some packages of one of ten or some single standalone investment properties that have been going on the market.  And that is something that I can talk to you a little bit more about personally if you do have some kind of interest. There is definitely an opportunity here locally with having Purdue University and a lot of movement in our community with bigger industry. so that is something I want to bring to attention too.” 

“And I have been watching people putting up posts and talking a lot about home improvement projects during quarantine during the COVID times that we are experiencing. And so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been doing a lot with plants. Now I really enjoy plants as part of my home decor but there are really good benefits to them as well for your health.They can help reduce stress, they can create a feeling of sort of a feeling of well being within your home, they improve the air quality and purify the air for you, they lower the background noise of say your returns or vents, or say like me having dogs around here and there. And not to mention, they make your home look great! And I have been seeing different people that have been posting about going through and putting in hardwood floors, interlocking vinyl planking, some people putting subway tile in their kitchens, some people have been doing hexagonal tile in their bathrooms. Share with me, tell me what you have been working on.”  

“One more thing before I go. One of the plants back here is pretty special. It was a project of mine. So it was given to me in a couple little pieces. And those couple little pieces weren’t really doing so well. So I tried to repot them and I just wasn’t sure what to do. So I had gone to a Mexican restaurant on the west side and I noticed hey I have that same plant, and what can I do to make that same plant work the same way in my house! So what they had done, they had little push pins on the wall and that helped to support a trellis sort of way to support the plant which the plant seems to thrive on because it grows really well in that manner. So I’ve been spraying the plant and things like that but here’s what I’ve done. I’ve put that in a trellis sort of formation of my staircase and so that has been something really neat. I didn’t expect that to be something I was going to do but it turned out really cool in the end and the plant seems happy and people like to come and look at it when they come over and I think it’s neat to watch it grow! Anyway, I hope you all are doing good and hope to hear from you soon again take care, bye!” 

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