Update With Aimee Ness

Update with Aimee Ness Lafayette IN

Aimee brought you a special visitor and a quick update of the real estate market in Lafayette, IN. Enjoy the video.

“Hey hey everybody! It’s Aimee Ness with Keller Williams Realty, and I just want to say hi real quick. I have a visitor that I’m going to bring and I’m going to show you and it’s Maverick! Hey everybody! He has gotten a little bit bigger since I saw you guys last. He’s growing up quite a bit, up to 12 lb now and getting scrappy and playing a bunch with Bella and having a good time. So he wanted to come on here and say hi to everybody and see how you all are doing.” 

“I wanted to do a quick video update real fast to bring you up to speed as to what’s been going on in my world. This week there’s been a few updates when it comes to homes. So I’ve been out showing homes and got my mask, I’ve got my disinfectant, doing all the things. Clients seem to be going along with the same measures too. The market is starting to soften up and get moving a little bit more. There’s been a few more homes on, in the past few days. So people are starting to get into that spring bit a little bit.” 

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“One of the things to keep in mind also, is there’s been some updates with some changes in response to COVID-19, so sometimes people have been applying for unemployment. And it turns out that if you apply for unemployment that actually affects whether or not you can buy a home. I’m in the middle of refinancing for my own and I had an appraiser come out and obviously having to speak with my lender on that note.  I’ve also had some clients that have been instructed to go on ahead and file for unemployment. All that makes it kind of hard to get a loan. Even up to a day or two before closing. That lender is going to verify your employment and you need to be employed and have gainful income in order to buy a home or refinance or do anything of that sort. So that is something to keep in mind if you’ve already applied for unemployment, if you’re thinking about doing it. Maybe that might not be the best time to do it like for say me. I’m going to close on my refinancing in about a week and a half here, and so I need to make sure that I have gainful employment and that I’m not applying for that kind of thing. So people are doing that kind of thing.”

“Realtor.com released an article yesterday stating different cities in the United States that are going to be bouncing back from the changes in response to COVID-19.  Lafayette, IN was ranked number five! So, we are doing pretty good on that. As far as everything else going on, weather is shaping up some, grass is green. Dandelions are popping up, so you may want to start getting those out of your yard, I know I need to get out probably about 500 in the front yard alone.” 

“I’ve been out running and doing yoga in the morning trying to keep myself kind of healthy and balanced and everything. So if you do happen to see me out and about running, be sure to honk, be crazy and put your head out the window, yell. Do anything you can because I’m happy to see you and I’d be more than happy to yell back. It keeps me going, keeps me smiling and you’d be surprised when I see somebody out on my run. It jumps my pace and makes me go a lot faster than I ought to be. So it’s good energy, keep doing it.”

“I did have somebody type in on this live, someone was asking, “Do you think that the market is going to look good for buyers once this pandemic starts to go away?”

Well right now I think everything’s been going pretty good for buyers and sellers. As far as a value decrease homes, I’m not seeing that. I have seen a lot of homes maintaining their value and some of them even increasing. Like, I just had my home appraised recently for a refinancing and it came in substantially higher than what I expected. Which is good so that made me feel good, that maybe I was improving the value by having lived here. It affects my taxes a little bit, but at least I had that and I was able to get rid of some personal mortgage insurance that I had on my mortgage. So that was good. “

“But to answer your question Carrie, I think that the market is going to look good for buyers once it’s over because there’s going to be a lot more homes on the market to choose from. So that will change and flux back and forth with negotiation abilities as well as the value of homes as well as everything else is going along with that. We’re going to have a lot more to choose from and I’m getting excited because I’ve been watching. Yesterday we had about fifteen homes come on the market. That’s good for our market area because getting COVID-19 went to a screeching halt for a minute or two.” 

“So, anyway, it looks like Maverick is done. We’re going to say bye to see everybody let me know if you have other questions. I’m here for you, shoot me a text, send me an email if nothing else keep yourself happy and healthy and we will catch you later! See you, bye!”

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