The Aimee Ness Realty Group Extra Info Summer Is Here, Quick Tips With Aimee

Summer Is Here, Quick Tips With Aimee

AImee Ness with Aimee Ness Realty Group Keller Williams, summer tips

Summer is here! Aimee Ness of Aimee Ness Realty Group has some quick tips to keep your home cool and a quick update!

Quick Tips With Aimee

“I’m on my way out and I have some sellers that are getting ready to put their home on the market and their air conditioning unit has gone out. So one of the things that I’m noticing more people are doing and kind of dealing with, is that they are trying to make their home into a winter wonderland. It is summer and so you don’t want to do that. What you’re going to do is cause more trouble than any benefit that you’re really going to get. Maybe even if you can’t handle it maybe change it 10° difference you just really need to be comfortable. Especially if you’re not even home so you might want to get a smart thermostat or do something to adjust it. Cleaning and changing your air filter, remove any obstructions from around the AC unit, I’m seeing a lot of that while I’m out at different homes on showings lately. And like I said, the smart thermostat can be your best friend and you can program that so that you’re not running things super super cold creating the Winter Wonderland effect that I spoke of earlier. So other than that those were just some real quick tips I was thinking about it as I was getting ready to go out on an appointment.”

“Just to check in with you I know I’ve been dealing with the Summer sun and being out running a lot and it really takes a toll on your body. It is nice though, I will say that we have summer route enjoying it I hope you’re out having a good time. I’m working a ton but at the same time I also out running here and there. I’ve got a ride this evening with the women’s cyclist and it’s going to be a good day. But I wanted to say keep a cool keep your house cool and hope you’re all doing great.”

“I posted on my personal page as well as on my business page some information and links to local firework events hours showings that are happening on the 4th of July so you can kind of plan ahead for your fourth of July festivities. I am in spirit too, I don’t know if you can see this or not but I have Fourth of July fingernails I kind of done that as a fun thing for the firecracker 5K that we had at Marengo Cave, that I got to participate in this weekend. I just thought it’d be fun to share that with you guys to hope you have a wonderful rest of the day take care and stay cool see you!”

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