Rewards For Good Grades

Where to get rewards for good grades in Lafayette, IN Aimee Ness

Did you know, kids can be rewarded around town for good grades at local restaurants? Check out the list where kids can earn rewards for good grades in Lafayette, IN. Take those smarties out for a treat!

where to get rewards for good grades in Lafayette IN | Aimee Ness

Applebees: Get a free kids meal for a report card with straight A’s.

Baskin-Robbins: Get a free scoop of ice cream for good grades on your report card.

Chick-fil-a: Receive a free 8 – pack of nuggets when you bring in your report card with all A’s and B’s.

Cold Stone Creamery: Kids can earn a free ice cream with a straight A report card, grades K – 5th grade.

Chuck E. Cheese: Bring in your most recent report card and earn up to 15 Free tokens for good grades. Valid with food purchase only.

Dairy Queen: Check your local store, each one is different.

Justice 4 Girls: $5 discount on merchandise for a report card with passing grades.

Krispy Kreme: Only at Krispy Kreme stores, earn one free donut for every A on your report card. Maximum 6 A’s.

McDonalds: Students with straight A’s earn a free Happy Meal.

Orange Leaf: 1 oz of free frozen yogurt for each A on a report card.

Pizza Hut: Present your report card with 3 A’s to the manager and receive a free personal pan pizza and drink.

Sonic Drive-In: Offers free goodies for good grades.

Texas Roadhouse: Check with the wait staff, you can get a free kids meal and choose a toy.

Wendy’s: Show the cashier your report card with A’s and B’s and receive a treat.

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