Lafayette, IN Planting Zone

Plant Hardiness Zone Lafayette IN Aimee Ness

Spring is here things are turning green, flowers are coming up, it is almost time to plant the garden! Have you ever wondered what is the planting zone for Lafayette, IN? The plant hardiness zone is very important when planting your garden. It dictates when and what type of plants to plant.

Plant hardiness zone Lafayette IN Aimee Ness

Lafayette, IN Zone

The USDA plant hardiness zone for Lafayette, IN is zone 5b. The zones are based on minimum average temperatures. In Lafayette, our minimum average temperatures are negative ten to negative fifteen degrees.

When To Plant

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac the last frost date for Spring in Lafayette, IN is April 27th. This means now is the time to start cleaning and preparing the garden space! If you have seedlings started indoors, begin to take them outside for short amounts of time to harden them.

In Lafayette, it is important to keep a close eye on the weather. Once seeds or seedlings are planted, be sure to protect them if a random frost comes about. Easy ways to protect your plants are to cover garden beds with a tarp, or cut the bottoms from milk jugs and place over each plant.

What To Plant

We are lucky that we can plant a variety of plants and flowers in Lafayette, IN. It is important to understand when to start certain plants for the maximum yield. We are able to grow tomatoes, lettuces, root vegetables, berries and and flowers. The Old Farmer’s Almanac provides a detailed list of when to start different plants for Lafayette. As you are planting here is a guide to plants that repel mosquitoes.

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