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It Is December – Change Your Filter

Change the furnace filter aimee ness

It is December, furnace usage is in full swing! Remember to change your furnace filter. With all the holiday festivities taking place it is easy to forget this simple home maintenance item.

Shopping for your furnace filter. There are many many options available and different qualities. Be sure to get the correct size for your furnace. Filters can become quite expensive. Purchase the highest quality filter your budget will allow.

The quality of the filter is prioritized by a MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Most home use filters are rated on a system between 1 and 12. The higher the number means the filter has the capability to trap more unwanted particulates.

Changing your filter is good for your health. Having a clean filter will increase the air quality in the home, and be better for your health. Clean indoor air is important to us all, but especially to those who suffer from allergies or those who may have respiratory problems.

Changing your filter leads to better efficiency. Maintaining the furnace filter will keep your furnace running efficiently.If the furnace filter is dirty, clogged with dirt or other materials it will make the system work harder to pull the air into the system. When your furnace is running efficiently you will save money on your heating bills.

After changing your filter be sure to enjoy local light displays, meet Santa and Christmas events around Lafayette, IN.

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