The Aimee Ness Realty Group Keller Williams Homes For Sale,Videos 2847 Needletail Dr. For Sale – Video

2847 Needletail Dr. For Sale – Video

Aimee Ness With Adam Downey 2847 Needletail Dr. West Lafayette

Aimee Ness brings you to a home for sale in Wake Robin, West Lafayette, IN. With surprise special guest Adam Downey with Fleet Feet. Learn about the home for sale and the neighborhood!

“Hi everybody this is Aimee Ness with Keller Williams Realty and I’m coming to you live from 2847 Needletail Drive and I just want to bring you out to the home that you might-”

“Aimee Ness, what are you doing here?”

“Hi, hi! Hi Adam and you have Hanna here too!”

“We are just out taking a walk in the neighborhood. I live around the corner and it’s just a great place to walk dogs and you know.  Oh! Are we on Facebook live?” 

“OK, so you said you love walking out in the neighborhood with dogs, do you run out here too?” 

“Yeah, it’s a nice quiet street and as many of you might know, I’m with Fleet Feet of West Lafayette. And we do a lot of runs out on the trail system and this is very conveniently located for that. And you can get on these trails and run for hours or bike, and you don’t have to be on the street. It’s nice and safe and quiet and fun.”

“Very cool, and their sidewalks everywhere. There are kids playing right now and of course with everyone being home, people are out in their yards enjoying the weather is a beautiful day today so yeah it’s a great place to be outside.”

“Well, I’m glad I got to see you guys. Thanks for coming along and enjoy your walk today.”

“Good luck with the house, it’s a beautiful day!”

“So we lucked out today with Adam Downey as a special guest! This home is located in Wake Robin subdivision so it’s really easy to find places to walk or run. There’s lots of kids out on bikes today and people enjoying the neighborhood. A lot of the homes out here are fairly new and that’s a nice bonus too. The one behind me that I’m talking about as you can see, has a three car garage and it also has a privacy fence out back. The home itself has a nice open concept with a foyer entry. The great room has a fireplace in addition to that. On the main level is the master bedroom ensuite, so you got a master closet, you got a master bathroom all right there. Next to that’s another bedroom they’re using as a nursery. Which would be great for anybody looking for that opportunity. Laundry is also on that main floor as well as  a kitchen and a half bath. But upstairs there’s a loft room as well as three other bedrooms. So it’s a four-bedroom house and I want to mention one other thing real quick here before I go. On the back of the home is an enclosed sunroom and it’s been finished like kind with the rest of the home, so it is finished square foot area of the home. It has French door pocket doors that slide back and forth so you can close that for privacy or if you’re entertaining out in that room and say the kids are in the living room you can shut that door and enjoy some time out there. There’s a covered patio out back and there’s an irrigation system in place. So there’s a lot of really neat things about this. I thought I’d bring the home to you since everybody’s kind of staying in right now. And I want to give you the opportunity just check this home out here and Wake Robin subdivision in West Lafayette Indiana. If questions feel free to message me I’m more than happy to give you any more details. We can even set up like a virtual tour if you want to see what the inside looks like. So I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you guys are staying healthy and enjoying this beautiful weather. Take care, see you.”

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