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20 Things To Do On A Snow Day!


It is so icy on the roads today! Many area schools have been closed. If you have to go out, please be safe and leave early. Some roads have been closed, some are blocked with slide offs and accidents and all of them are very slick. If you are lucky enough to stay home, here are some ways to entertain yourself and family while you relish your snow day!  

1. Sleep in or take a nap! 

2. Build a fort and binge watch your favorite shows.

3. Make homemade Hot Cocoa or a Frappuccino. 

4. Stay in your PJ's all day.

5. Catch up on laundry. I know not super fun, but sometimes its nice to get ahead.

6. Make homemade Play Dough.

7. Have a picnic in your living room.

8. Make edible finger paint.

9. Make Rice Crispy Treats. Make them the traditional way or mold them into fun shapes!

10. Break out the stationary and write a letter or a make a card to brighten someone's day.

11. Make an indoor obstacle course.

12. Make a mug cake

13. Bake some cookies

14. Make a meal you would normally not have time for on a weekday.

15. Read a book or seven. Here are some suggestions.  

16. Have a dance party.

17. Have a spa day. Dig out all your nail polish and face masks!

18. Make soup

19. Play a board game or cards.

20. Check on a neighbor who may be in need. 

Have some more ideas? Please add them in the comments! Happy Snow Day! Be safe and warm!  

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Thursday, 17 January 2019
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