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New Year, New You, New Career?


I thought I would share the "Top 10 Reasons to work for Keller Williams" with you all! This time of year everyone is in reflection mode. Could you possibly be thinking about a new career? Contact me! I can give you the inside scoop on the Real Estate business.

Top 10 Reasons To Work For Keller Williams

10. Open Books

KW is wide open when it comes to sharing company financials, allowing agents to see how well the office is doing, where the money is going and even every associate's production. The agents in each office are responsible for helping the office run efficiently and profitability.

"The 'open book' aspect is one more demonstration of our willingness to empower our agents,"says Gary Keller, chairman of Keller Williams Realty International. "We believe every agent to be a Market Center. As such, each agent should be able to run his or her individual business with same tools we provide to our franchisees and regional directors."

9. Agent Leadership Council

Made up of the top 20% of the agents in each office, the ALC is the voice for all the agents. The main purpose of this council is to hold management and ownership accountable in running the market center and allowing associates to have a say in how the office is run. A truly empowering feature that treats agents the same as the owners. We all have a say in how the office is run.

8. Technology

Industry leading technology keeps our agents ahead of the competition and running more efficiently. At KW, the agent's brand comes first, not the company's. With the KWLS (Keller Williams Listing Service), your very own Keller Williams App and eEdge, we make sure our agents get the leads they deserve. Your listings, your leads! It's a well oiled machine that gives you the leverage you need to close more deals.

7. Sharing Company Profits

As the only company in the industry with a true profit sharing system, KW rewards agents with a portion of company profit for helping the company grow. Instead of wasting millions of dollars on advertising to attract more associates, like most traditional brokerages do, we leave the growth to you, the agent. Help a market center grow by attracting new talent and be financially rewarded for it. It's a true win-win scenario and the ultimate retirement package for a real estate agent.

6. Commission Split

The Keller Williams commission structure allows you to make more money that with any other company. Every agent has a cap on the total amount of commissions paid in a given year. Once you reach your cap, you keep 100% of your commissions. Don't reach your cap, you're not required to pay anything. Our goal is to help grow your business. The office only gets rewarded when you succeed, as it should be.

5. Real Estate Training

Most people see Keller Williams as a real estate company, but the truth of the matter is we are nothing more than a teaching, training and consulting firm disguised as a real estate company. Our training is what sets us apart from the competition. Teaching our agents to master the market of the moment and have more knowledge of their industry/market than their competitors is what has allowed KW to be the only large real estate company to see positive growth in all economies, not just the good ones.

4. Business Model

The Keller Williams business model is the glue that holds the pieces together. Having a blueprint of what to do and when to do it is extremely vital in this industry. We're not just going to throw you out there and say, 'Good luck, I hope you make it!' We teach you to follow our proven model that guarantees success if you follow it. Follow the model, it's that simple!

3. Ignite

The only new agent training program that teaches you how to run a successful business the right way from day one! Don't waste your time trying to figure it out yourself, we've done all the hard work for you. Just plug in and Ignite your career!

2. Company Culture

Being part of a company that truly cares about you is extremely hard to find these days. KW puts the needs of it's agents first and treats all associates as family. Our motto is 'God, Family, Then Business.' When you follow this order, all will be well in your life. We want all associates to have successful careers, but spirituality and family come first!

And the #1 reason to join Keller Williams Realty…..

It's YOUR real estate business! You are in control of your career, not your broker. Traditionally, agents worked for the broker and relied heavily on them to succeed. KW changed that! We wouldn't be in business without our associates, so the only thing we want to do is help you build your business! We just empower you with the right tools to build the business you want!

Don't wait any longer. You owe it to yourself to strive for a career worth having, a business worth owning and a life worth living! Contact Aimee today to get started!

Are you worried about starting off on your own? 

The Aimee Ness Realty Group is expanding! Have all the benefits of Keller Williams along with the guidance from a seasoned professional and a team to support you. We are here for YOU! Never feel alone when you may need advice, training or just a sounding board. The Aimee Ness Realty Group is here to mentor you in areas of lead generation, contract negotiation, marketing, transaction obstacles or any concerns you may have.

Let our administration team take some of the load off your shoulders. Our group has a dedicated Executive Assistant in office to assist you with goal setting, tracking of sales, marketing, transaction coordination, and client follow-up. The Keller Williams administration staff team is also available to assist you.

Contact Aimee 765-418-3969 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019
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